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For over a decade, Kriya Infotainment has proudly held the mantle as Kolkata’s premier digital marketing service agency, consistently delivering unparalleled results to clients across diverse industries. Renowned for our expertise in SEO services in Kolkata , Kriya Infotainment stands as the pinnacle of excellence, leveraging cutting-edge strategies and industry insights to propel businesses to the forefront of online visibility. With a track record of success, we have earned our place as the go-to destination for businesses seeking to dominate search engine rankings and drive organic traffic to their websites. As one of the top 10 graphic motion video agencies in Kolkata, Kriya Infotainment harnesses the power of visual storytelling to captivate audiences and convey brand messages with impact. Through captivating animation video productions, our team breaths life into concepts, engaging viewers and igniting brand affinity like never before. Our team of skilled professionals combines creativity with technical prowess to deliver visually stunning content that resonates across digital platforms. Whether it’s crafting compelling motion graphics or executing intricate animation sequences, Kriya Infotainment excels in pushing the boundaries of creativity to deliver results that exceed expectations. With a commitment to innovation and a passion for excellence, we continue to set the standard for digital marketing services in Kolkata and beyond, empowering businesses to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.Patrons around us say that we are a brilliant Creative Agency in Kolkata, India.

Ideas That Make Customers Go Wow!

Kriya Infotainment is a creative agency, we always believe in paving our way by making prominent marks. We always knew that if we would mould our clients point of views into ideal forms, it would benefit the brand in the most creative ways. So we attuned ourselves to create milestones through striking advertisements, excellent story telling and unique brand building strategies.It has earned us enough appreciation and loyal clients and the fraternity to get growing and make it bigger and better each day. We constantly modify our ways to keep up with the world. As a compellingly digital marketing agency in Kolkata, India we are always keen to adopt innovative approaches for each brand and make a difference in the Digital world. Having being worked with both national clients and international client, we render the specialized services in advertising in particular and in marketing in general. It is a source of communication expertise stands ready to conceive, plan and implement the communications requirements of the client or the account it serves.

With our effective evolving marketing strategies, we run effective advertising campaigns which help increasing sales, develop brand loyalty and build brand equity. All of which contribute to increase in profits and market share. Digital Marketing of a brand ensures a good, reputed face for your company, and we do that here also at an affordable price. We always love to take challenges and we surely make it work in your brand’s favour. Our dedicated team of workers analyse, asses and give effort to create concept and synchronize them as our customer’s choice. We make engaging out of the box creative contents for Target Audience through motion graphics videos, social media optimization, online marketing, web design, blog services, collateral design, creative ads,brand, product and company naming, logo design, brand identity design, symbol design, marketing communications such as brochure design, folders, flyers and leaflets design, direct mail campaigns and what not at a pocket friendly price. We are the leading social media marketing agency in Kolkata . We do whatever is best for your brand so that it can give a tough blow to its competitors and make your brand stand out.

Client Reviews

It's such a pleasure working with Kriya Infotainment who seems to have all the answers to our Digital Marketing questions and successfully handle our business objectives which includes graphics, videos and so on. I highly recommend Arpita and her support team.

M.Parekh Allita Hotels & resorts

I have worked with Arpita extensively for different campaigns, photoshoots and more. It was a wonderful experience of working with her agency Kriya. Their experience and work at the advertorial level is impeccable.

Ritabhari Chakraborty Actress

We are working with Kriya for quite some time and I am naturally drawn to them for their out of the box ideas and clean work. It's been a pleasure associating with them. Wishing them all the best always for their out of the box ideas and good work.

Swagata Mitra Forum Projects

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